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Ohio Public Library Accounting Handbook

The fourth edition of the Ohio Public Library Accounting Handbook is now available and includes important changes in library funding as well as the title change of library clerk-treasurers to fiscal officers. This handbook was developed and revised by the Library Accounting Division of the Ohio Library Council to assist library fiscal officers with their responsibilities, which include the latest regulations and policies that could potentially impact library finances.

The complete handbook (132 pages) is available for download. Print or CD-ROM copies of the handbook can be ordered from the online publication store or by contacting OLC by phone (614) 410-8092 or e-mail olc@olc.org.

Member Price: $10.00 plus shipping and handling
Non-Member Price: $25.00 plus shipping and handling

Note: Some Appendix items are available below in Microsoft Word or Excel for easy duplication.


Appendix A Agencies, Professional Organizations, and Web Sites [Word]

Appendix B Annual Appropriation Resolution Sample [Excel]

Appendix C Annual Financial Report Notice Sample [Word]

Appendix D Bid Rejection Notification Sample [Word]

Appendix E Budget Sheet for Year Sample [Excel]

Appendix F Calendar of Reporting Dates [Word]

Appendix G Credit Card Policy Sample 1 [Word]

Appendix H Credit Card Policy Sample 2 [Word]

Appendix I Design Professional Notice Sample [Word]

Appendix J Disaster Plan Sample [Word]

Appendix K Homeland Security/Anti-terrorism (DMA) Press Release [PDF]

Appendix L Homeland Security/Anti-terrorism (DMA) Employment Form [PDF]

Appendix L Homeland Security/Anti-terrorism (DMA) Vendor Form [PDF]

Appendix M Homeland Security/Anti-terrorism (DMA) Memos [Word]

Appendix N Investment Policy Sample 1 [Word]

Appendix O Investment Policy Sample 2 [Word]

Appendix P Companies Providing Asset Tagging and Valuation [Word]

Appendix Q Property Tax Affidavit Sample [Word]

Appendix R Record Retention Policy and Schedule Sample [Word]

Appendix S Request for Banking Services Proposal Sample [Word]

Appendix T Request for Insurance Proposals [Word]

Appendix U Requisition Form Sample [Word]

Additional Resources

Biweekly Timesheet [Excel]

Cash Position Worksheet [Excel]

Purchase Order [PDF]

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