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There are currently 15 divisions in OLC. Each is aimed at an employment specialty, a type of library, or a special interest. Officers are elected by division members and consist of a coordinator, assistant coordinator, secretary, and other officers as required by the division by-laws. These officers hold office as stated in the division by-laws.

Membership interests may be carried out through task forces, chapter conferences, the annual conference, workshops, publications, informal interest groups, or other meetings of a specific nature.

OLC membership includes two division affiliations with membership. Affiliation with the division generates targeted workshop information, newsletters, division information, etc.

OLC's Divisions

  • Adult Services Division - The Adult Services Division addresses issues, concerns, and innovations in library services for adults and shares valuable adult services information with the Ohio library community.
  • Audio Visual Division - The Audio Visual Division addresses advancements in and changes to technology, format, copyright, and policies. This group communicates critical AV information with the profession.
  • Children's Services Division - The Children's Services Division is focused on providing professional development opportunities for children's services professionals and delivering quality library services for all children to use and enjoy.
  • Human Resources and Trainer Development Division - The Human Resources and Trainer Development Division works together to enhance Ohio library excellence through training and human resource development for all library staff members.
  • Information Technology Division - The Information Technology Division analyzes information technology's evolving impact on library services and provides opportunities for IT staff members to explore and promote the use of information technology.
  • Library Accounting Division - The Library Accounting Division addresses the interests and continuing education needs of fiscal officers, directors, and others interested in library accounting. They update the Ohio Public Library Accounting Handbook and collaborate with the State Auditor's office to provide library accounting workshops and publications.
  • Management and Administration Division - The Management and Administration Division creates opportunities for its members to exchange ideas and build skills in leadership, planning, obtaining and allocating funds, management, and trend forecasting.
  • Marketing and Public Relations Division - The Marketing and Public Relations Division provides a forum for sharing and developing new ideas to engage the public, market library services, and educate communities.
  • Outreach and Special Services Division - The Outreach and Special Services Division identifies and assesses outreach opportunities. This group also provides guidance for serving people with disabilities, senior citizens, institutionalized people, disadvantaged people, children and other groups.
  • Reference and Information Services Division - The Reference and Information Services Division provides a forum for discussion and dissemination of reference service issues and concerns. This group also offers continuing education and training opportunities for reference library staff.
  • Small Libraries Division - The Small Libraries Division represents the interests of small libraries in Ohio. It provides a forum for administrators, staff members, and trustees to discuss issues of particular concern to small libraries.
  • Subject and Special Collections Division - The Subject and Special Collections Division promotes and develops Ohio's subject and special collection services. This group focuses on document, manuscript, photograph, and oral history collections that support research and study.
  • Supportive Staff Division - The Supportive Staff Division provides an exchange of ideas for library staff interests. It offers educational and networking opportunities for circulation services, information services, technical services and office staff.
  • Technical Services Division - The Technical Services Division gathers, organizes, and shares information about acquiring, cataloging, processing, and preserving of all types of library materials.
  • Teen Services Division - The Teen Services Division focuses on the interests of library staff serving young adults.

There are six regional chapters of the Council:

Membership in Ohio Library Council automatically confers membership in a chapter with no further payment of dues. Membership in a chapter is determined by the member's mailing address.

Each chapter has an action council, which is elected by the members of the chapter. Chapter action councils make arrangements for spring chapter meetings as well as encourage and promote OLC membership.

Committees promote the generation of qualified group judgments, continuity of activities, and a cross section of member knowledge and experience. An active committee provides constructive guidance and direction to Council officers. The responsibility of service on a committee aids in the development of future leadership. The association has both standing committees and ad hoc committees. All committee chairs report to the OLC Board of Trustees.

Each committee has a stated purpose. The OLC Board of Directors can alter the committee's purpose to meet changing needs and abolish committees when no longer needed. In addition, the OLC strategic plan, developed by the OLC Board of Directors, is used as the charge for the work of committees during the coming year.

OLC's Current Committees

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