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Politics is not a spectator sport. ~ Senator Bob Dole

Ohio's public libraries have developed a strong government relations platform for 2014. Public libraries believe that government relations is truly about building relationships with other government entities, including state, county, city, township, and village governments and schools.

This platform highlights new public library service initiatives as well as legislative expectations. These issues and government partnerships will be the focus of our advocacy efforts.

Advocate for establishing, in permanent law, a new PLF set at 2% of total state revenue, so that public library funding levels, currently at 1996 levels, will experience some modest growth.

olc Value and protect the strong partnership between locally-governed public libraries and state funding through the Public Library Fund (PLF).

olc Support the Ohio Public Library and Information Network (OPLIN) and the State Library of Ohio.

olc Support the Ohio Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled at their current funding levels.

olc Work with the State Library of Ohio, Ohio Historical Society and the Institute of Museum and Library Services to expand the digitization capabilities of public libraries in order to enhance our local history collections.

olc Expand partnerships with state and local government to provide egovernment services to Ohio’s citizens.

olc Continue to address the early literacy needs of Ohio by working with Ohio's schools to achieve the Third Grade Reading Guarantee and by providing reading readiness programs to make sure that every child is ready to read when they enter Kindergarten.

olc Help put Ohioans back to work by establishing Job Help Centers in library systems that will provide materials and resources to help people search for employment and assist the growing small business community.

olc Partner with Ohio's outstanding healthcare community and insurance industry to establish Ohio as a premier health literacy state so that all Ohioans will have access to current, authoritative health and wellness information.

olc Educate library customers, state legislators, and Congressional delegation about the critical importance of public libraries being able to provide access to all digital content and downloadable eBooks.

olc Work to expand the public library consortiums and networks to continue to improve our availability of services to all Ohio’s citizens.

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