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OLC's membership year is from January 1 - December 31.

New Members* joining between January 1 and June 30 pay full annual membership dues.

New Members* joining between July 1 and September 30 pay one-half annual membership dues.

New Members* joining after October 1 receive free membership for the remainder of the current year with the payment of full dues for the following year.

*Applies to individuals who have never been OLC members for five or more consecutive years.

Individual membership in the Ohio Library Council is open to: any staff member of a library or library organization; former or retired library staff members who are not currently employed by library-related organizations; self-employed providing services to libraries; former members of library boards of trustees; professors, administrators or instructors of library science; students in a school of librarianship, library technology or a library trainee program; or those seeking employment in a library.

Persons employed by commercial vendors or other organizations that provide services to libraries are not eligible for Individual membership in the Ohio Library Council. Such persons are eligible to join as representatives of organizations through the Associate Membership program.

OLC has identified one person at each library system with the knowledge to help library staff learn more about membership in the OLC. These Library Recruitment Officers can help you with a variety of questions about OLC membership.

Be sure to ask the library's human resources coordinator, a manager or the library's director to see if your library is an Honor Roll Library that pays 100% of their staff's OLC membership dues.

Benefits of OLC Individual Membership:

  • Subscription to Access, OLC's weekly member e-newsletter
  • Access to Members-only sections of the OLC Web site including news, legislative information, and unit resources
  • Complimentary membership in any two divisions
  • Membership in your local chapter
  • Reduced registration rates at OLC Convention, chapter conferences, division workshops, and professional development events
  • Lobbying and legislative support for library programs
  • Support on intellectual freedom issues
  • OLC executive office staff support
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills by running for office, attending annual leadership conference, working within a unit, planning programs for conferences
  • Opportunities to influence the development of standards for library services, library policies, and personnel procedures
  • Contact and interaction with support staff and librarians from other libraries
  • Access to JOBline, an online listing of jobs available in all types of Ohio libraries
  • A voice in ALA through OLC's elected councilor.

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