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11/03/10 Ohio Voters Approve Nearly 80% of Public Library Ballot Issues (Updated 11:45 a.m.)

Ohio voters continue to show support for the value of their public libraries. Yesterday, 30 of the 38 library issues that were on the ballot passed. Statewide, 80% of the library issues were successful. Overall, 23 of the 29 new library levies were successful, the two additional levies and three renewal levies were approved, and two of the three replacement/additional levies were successful. The single bond issue on the ballot was defeated.

Many of these winning library levies will generate only enough funds to replace the 31% in state funding lost in the latest round of state funding reductions. Ohio 's public libraries overall have reduced hours and materials budgets, and staff by more than 10%. However, Ohioans are using their libraries more than ever. Statewide circulation of library materials has increased, but the biggest growth has been in the number of people who come into the library and use the services available to them for free. Public libraries continue their commitment to providing outstanding service to people of all ages in Ohio : the internet to help people find jobs, homework help centers and early literacy programs to improve children's education, and a variety of services for all of Ohio seniors.

View the complete list of library issues, millages, terms, and votes for and against. These are preliminary vote counts that have been collected from library reports, a number of county boards of elections, and/or various news sources. The vote counts are subject to change and the chart will be updated as necessary.

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