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11/07/12 Ohioans Approve 100% of Public Library Ballot Issues

Yesterday, Ohio voters approved all of the public library issues on the ballot. Unofficial election results show that one library bond issue and 14 library property tax levies on local ballots were successful, including one new levy.

The local property tax revenue provides financial support for the libraries’ programs and services, and helps ease the nearly 25 percent decrease in state funding that libraries have experienced since 2007. Ohio voters know that libraries are doing more with less and voters are willing to help libraries replace some of the state funding they have lost. Nearly all of Ohio's libraries depend on state funding to keep their doors open and to provide basic services to their communities.

“We are pleased that voters in Ohio continue to express their support for public libraries at the polls. Voters in communities that approved renewal, additional, or replacement levies know that their libraries provide necessary services and are good stewards of the funds that voters have entrusted to them,” said Doug Evans, Executive Director, Ohio Library Council.

Click here for the unofficial results of the library issues from yesterday's election.

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