Orientation for
New Library Employees

Before you begin, ask your supervisor to review the Supervisor page. When you finish, take activities and quiz to supervisor for review.


Organizing information for library users is what libraries are all about. The following pages help you explore the way libraries are organized. What you learn can help you survive your first few days as a new library employee!

As a new employee, you've probably already let go of that great fantasy about libraries as quiet, stress-free places where you read books all day. The fantasy is gone, but the reality can be great - days that are challenging, interesting, entertaining, ever changing, and rewarding.

Then there are those other days.

Knowing how libraries work will help!

What's ahead?

The following pages have Activities for learning. You will learn by working with the material in this program, by exploring sites on the Internet, and by talking to your library staff. Why involve other library staff? Because they know everything! Everything, that is, about surviving life in a public library.

What Now?

Complete the Activity, try the Explore section, and then go on to the next page: The Library's Mission.


The Library's Mission


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