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Access, the e-newsletter of Ohio Library Council, is published weekly or as needed. It is distributed via e-mail to all OLC members who have provided the OLC with a valid e-mail address and is available on the OLC Web site with a member ID and password.

Ballot Issues Handbook Volume I - Campaigns 101: The Nuts and Bolts (2015) 58 pps. including appendices.
[Download (Members Only)]
Note: Volume I is included with purchase of Volume II.
Designed to assist libraries with tax levy elections, the Ballot Issues Handbook Volume I defines the differences between an operating levy and a bond issue and gives instructions for calculating millage. Procedures and timelines are given for filing all appropriate documents. Suggested campaign strategies include separate sections for the library, the board, and library personnel and the citizen campaign committee.
[Download (Members Only)] Note: Volume I is included with purchase of Volume II.

Ballot Issues Handbook Volume II - Campaigns 202: Detailed Information for Those Who Need to Turn It Up a Notch (2008) 103 pps. Available on CD-Rom or in print.
Ballot Issues Handbook Volume II goes beyond the basics provided in Ballot Issues Handbook Volume I (included) by giving an in-depth overview of developing and executing a library levy campaign. The handbook provides sample campaign materials and is organized into three phases: 1) planning and preparation, 2) influencing opinion leaders and media, and 3) voter contact/visibility and offers sample campaign materials.
Member $25.00 + S&H | Non-Members $40.00 + S&H

Friends Across Ohio (2013). Available on CD-Rom or in print. [Download]
An excellent resource for organizing and maintaining Friends groups. Written by and for Ohio library Friends. Friends Across Ohio details how to organize a group; the development of a constitution and by-laws (with samples); relationship between the Friends, the library director, and the library board; how to handle tax issues; and a variety of suggestions for raising funds. Includes a bibliography and suggested resources.
Member: $10.00 + S&H | Non-Member: $15.00 + S&H

Ohio Public Library Accounting Handbook (2014) Fifth Edition 117 pps., spiral bound or CD-ROM.
[Download] pdf
The fifth edition of the Ohio Public Library Accounting Handbook is now available and includes important changes in library funding. This handbook was developed and revised by the Library Accounting Division of the Ohio Library Council to assist library fiscal officers with their responsibilities, which include the latest regulations and policies that could potentially impact library finances. Available in downloadable files, spiral bound handbook, or CD-ROM.
Member: $10.00 + S&H | Non-Member: $25.00 + S&H

Ohio Public Library Administrator's Handbook (2014) Fifth Edition 85 pps. [Download pdf (Members Only)] Available on CD-Rom or in print.
Member: $45.00 + S&H | Non-Member: $75.00 + S&H

Ohio Public Library Trustees' Handbook(2008) Fourth Edition. Updates 2014. Available on CD-Rom or in print.
A must for new trustees and for library boards struggling with their role and responsibilities. Ohio Public Library Trustees' Handbook includes background on the role of the public library trustee and sections on board organization and operations, managing money, staffing, planning and evaluation, public relations, professional associations and continuing education, legalities, and building and renovation. A bibliography and extensive appendices provide forms and further depth to the Handbook.
Member: $15.00 + S&H | Non-Member: $22.50 + S&H

Standards for Public Library Service in Ohio (2010) 29 pps., paperbound + Standards Compliance Checklist 11pps. [Download] Available on CD-Rom or in print.
This edition of Standards for Public Library Service in Ohio is organized to reflect changes libraries have experienced since publication of the 2002 edition. The standards define a basic level of library service and give Ohio libraries of all sizes a tool to assess their strengths, identify areas for improvement, plan for and deliver service, and set goals and objectives for improving public library service. Minor changes have been made, but this edition continues to focus on service standards in five core areas: Governance, Resources, Dissemination of Resources, Cooperation, and Communications. Some standards have been revised to reflect increased demands for and capabilities of new information technologies, developments such as statewide resource sharing, and increased public expectations for both traditional and new library services. Additionally, a checklist has been added to help libraries evaluate their level of compliance with each standard as well as develop a plan for improving compliance.
Member: $10.00 + S & H | Non-Member: $15.00 + S&H

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